Monday, April 15, 2013

Engine Blood: Chinese GP

* Saturday was all "tyres this, tyres that", as we again had to question the safety implications of making what are essentially deliberately poorly-constructive tyres, but it was largely business as usual come race day, to the extent that I can't really remember what happened.  So I'll just pretend it was the 1983 South African Grand Prix and say it's nice to see Riccardo Patrese back on the top step of the podium.


Hard to say; his lower-echelon points finish didn't propel him far enough up the order in the BBC's race report to give him a description beyond "Force India's Paul Di Resta".  Therefore we default to there being no change, aaaaaand...

Paul Di Resta is still SCOTTISH.

* Mark Webber's year went from bad to about-usual-for-Mark-Webber as he suffered a comedy wheel failure soon after spearing a Toro Rosso, which got the usual conspiracy twerps a-tweeting again.  Nobody bats an eyelid when Massa and Rosberg get the thin end of the wedge...  Compounding his problem was Daniel Ricciardo's job interview of a drive in the sole remaining (non-speared) Toro Rosso.  Looks like we could be crowning a new Canberra Milk Kid when the season is over.

* But will there ever be a female Canberra Milk Kid?  Not if nought-times World Champion and head of the Lewis Hamilton Fan Club Sir Lord Stirling Moss MBE has anything to do with it.  The creaking anachronism went on record with some very Patrick Moore-ish comments about lady racers, which can simply be deflected by Googling Danica Patrick's career achievements.  Oddly, this marks the second time in quick succession that Engine Blood has found itself arguing this particular case - another week of this and we'll be in a feminist webring...

And that's all the blood that's fit to drain!

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