Sunday, July 28, 2013

Engine Blood: Hungarian GP


With the Dutch not having hosted a race since 1985, which is odd since the excellently-named Zandvoort was a pretty regular fixture from the dawn of Formula One, this is our first encounter with the classic Aquafresh design of flag, albeit with a green stripe instead.  Maybe it's a knock-off brand.  Don't much fancy its whitening chances if so.
* Hungary has a knack of presenting races that are either total carnage and hugely absorbing or extremely boring processions.  Guess which today's was?
* L'il Lewis takes a win for Mercedes, meaning he now has exactly half the races wins that his cheaper colleague has managed this year.  Vettel appeared to be nursing some issues that put him out of serious contention for the win and also dropped him behind Raikkonen, and Rosberg was the only high-profile DNF.
* Elsewhere, not great news for Ricciardo, the heir apparent to the Canberra Milk Kid's number two Red Bull drive; from a promising eighth in qualifying, he finished thirteenth, one place behind his teammate.  Red Bull must know something we don't, as Vergne is apparently not even slightly in the running for promotion, despite outperforming Ricciardo this season to date and also having beaten him last season.
* Listening to races on Radio 5 is not going to catch on around here, no sir.
* Now we go into the summer break; next up it's Spa-Francorchamps, king of circuits.  The season's been a bit sketchy thus far, and whilst Vettel is leading it's still pretty open - so stay tuned to Engine Blood for all the hot pix 'n' goss!

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