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22 Short Pieces About Springfield: - G.F. Hirons And His Heavy Friends Present "Simpsons Roundtable" 1

Seasoned readers of the blog will have noticed that I hate finishing stuff - I will use any excuse not to finish, usually because I'm really liking the experience of writing about Bowie/glam rock/The Simpsons/Final Fantasy (yeah, like I'm going to get round to that!)

So here's my latest, thinly-veiled attempt to beat the dead horse that is this subject; and this time, I'm bringing my friends along for the ride!  Yes, I got a bunch of my groovy friends together (...on Messenger), and we shot the breeze about our favourite episodes, characters and moments.  "Wow", I thought.  "That really killed some time".

So here's my peeps, and if you like what they've got to say, and what I've been saying these past few months, why not give the ol' links a click and sample their wares?

Karl Miller, Musician/Dogsbody/Moron

EPISODE: As a fan of music and especially mid 90s alternative rock the "Homerpalooza" episode is one of my favourites.  Homer reminds me of my dad in this episode...  Trying to listen to “what it is” and not really knowing “what it is...  Is” ....IT’LL HAPPEN TO YOU.

CHARACTER: Hands down Moe Szyslak....  He appeals to me as a strangely warm hearted outsider...  Who won’t pay his bills.

Courtesy 20th Century Fox, via Frinkiac.
MOMENT: As a kid I remember the episode when The Ramones play at Mr Burns' Birthday Party....  Gets me every time.

Catch Karl's popular beat combo Code Break on Spotify at this link, hopefully.

Steven Rigby, home owner, occasional guitarist, millionaire, hero to all and massive over exaggerator.

EPISODE: Has to be "Cape Feare". As well as some truly great stand out moments, it’s written really well and as animated parody’s go, it’s never been beaten. I could watch it over and over again, it never gets old for me.

CHARACTER: Predictable but true; Homer Simpson. He’s quite simply the greatest character ever created. Not sure if it’s allowed but I also think special mention should go to Professor John I.Q. Nerdelbaum Frink Jr. aka Professor Frink. I don’t think he’s ever said anything that hasn’t made me smile.

Courtesy 20th Century Fox, via Frinkiac.
MOMENT: So many to choose from but, simply for my reaction to seeing it the very first time, it has to be the daring escape Homer attempts to make from Moe’s car in the episode Dumbbell Indemnity. To see him roll straight back into the drivers seat is a moment that will live with me forever.

Steven has no product to shill, so has asked that I use his link to promote the fantastic Athletico Mince podcast.

Tim Worthington, writer and occasional broadcaster

EPISODE: Without question, Who Shot Mr Burns? Parts 1 and 2. The Simpsons was (note 'was' - I think they forgot how to do this shortly afterwards) always at its best when you got one character dominating the storyline and the others having to be amped up wildly in the background just so that they were in there somewhere.

n these two, none of the lead characters are the lead character, and you get anyone and everyone being given ludicrously pointless and silly gags: "Drive-thru's not for parkin'", "us hotheads" tearing down the sun blocking machine, Tito Puente's revenge song, Dr Colossus...  I could go on and on. It was the high watermark both of international profile and of actually being any good, and The Simpsons was never quite as good again.

Courtesy 20th Century Fox, via Frinkiac.
I should get a word in for Itchy And Scratchy Land, though, primarily on account of Disgruntled Goat. He did have his moments.

CHARACTER: Assuming I'm not allowed Smilin' Joe Fission, Rich Uncle Skeleton or Grindcore Stu (who I've just made up), I'd have to go for...  oh, let's say...  Moe.

MOMENT: It's hard to choose between The Mediocre Presidents song (and the aftermath... "you're next, Chester A. Arthur!"), "top of the line in utility sports/unexplained fires are a matter for the courts", and EXTRA! EXTRA! TODD SMELLS!, so I'm having all three. My source on that IS reliable.

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