Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Read All About It: Remotely Interesting

Hello, dear friends.  After a rollercoaster year of not writing anything, I finally have something to plug...

...For my great pal BEN BAKER, who has a brand new book out!  Remotely Interesting is a TV quiz book for people with eyes.  It features 50 (50!!!) quizzes about the gogglebox, and the Special Edition comes with scorecards so you can play along at home!  Fuckin' scorecards, man!  Why are you still here?  Get over there and buy it!  (NOTE: DO NOT LEAVE THIS PAGE YET.  READ THE SENTENCE BELOW FIRST.)

And as a fantastic bonus, I got to reprise my role as pub quizmeister by setting Ben a super-tough quiz about my favourite televisual treat, Those Simpsons.  Come and test your mettle over here!