Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One From The Vaults (Not As Such But We're Counting It)

The best intentions of armchair journalists and internet storytellers everywhere are often skittled by life's more pressing concerns. 

Your dear author has recently suffered an unfortunate spate of health problems whilst working at a furious pace and studying for professional qualifications.  This also put paid to the Engine Blood team - it's one of those times where a hive mind is a disadvantage.

In terms of time management, there isn't any; everything's had to binned, excepting the odd Transpennine pub crawl and unheralded appearance at the Liverpool Music Awards Nominee Announcement Happening (brief review: one free glass of wine and a truly atrocious ukulele combo).

We hope to restore normal service for a brief while in a bit.  Until then, a friend of mine has been kind enough to republish an article I did about an obscure infomercial prevalent on certain satellite channels a few years ago.

Read it thence:  Lose yourself in a world of soft metal, a time before bloody Glee bloody ruined bloody everything.  And remember: REO Speedwagon are the best band ever.

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