Friday, April 05, 2013

Engine Blood: 05/04/2013

* Has John Watson got a book coming out or something?  The former McLaren man, who was third in the 1982 World Championship, has been weighing in on everyone and everything in the past couple of weeks, saying that Vettel should be suspended for passing Webber on track in Malaysia and that Perez is a poor fit for McLaren.
We're not going to rip on Watson, who effectively retired from Formula One when apparently Ron Dennis realised a tiny Frenchman called Alain Prost actually wanted LESS money to drive for him in 1984 (whoops!), but simply say this on both subjects:
1) Vettel is a three-time world champion, more likely to win the World Championship a fourth time than Webber is to get a first.  Red Bull have seen the Australian psychologically collapse at the end of a season before and would look pretty stupid if Vettel, who won his last title by a hair's breadth from a Ferrari driver, lost by the same margin this time, and even MORE stupid if the two went round line astern at a snail's pace, only for Mercedes to release Rosberg to trouble them.
2) Perez hasn't really had a chance in McLaren thus far, with two races in a car that the team admit is not exactly their prime achievement of the last few years.  The amount of pressure the young Mexican has been under is quite something; let's not Kovalainen this fellow just yet, eh?  He might surprise us all.  And yes - that's us defending a McLaren driver.  It does happen, y'know.
* Should have mentioned this last time out, but remember how we didn't know why Slugger Sutil had a seat again this year, especially in context of Jules Bianchi's impressive outings for Marussia thus far?  Well, Force India just announced a contract extension with Mercedes, for supply of engines in 2014.  Since all the engine rules are changing it's a good idea to at least have a continuity of relationship, so now all of this makes a bit more sense.  Marussia-Ferraris next year then?  Well, if they keep afloat anyway...
* In back office news, Frank Williams has announced that his daughter (Claire, we think) is taking over the team when he steps down.  This ties in nicely with an article in The Independent about the possibility of a female F1 driver, the intimation being that perhaps only a female team boss would have the ovaries to employ a female driver.  Hey, don't Williams have Susie Wolff as a test driver?  And isn't just about anyone better than Maldonado?  Just a thought. 
In all seriousness, it is about time we had a female driver in Formula One, and we'd salute anyone deserving enough for a seat - let's face it, we've got at least six pay drivers in at the moment, so some actual talent would be fantastic regardless of gender.
And that's all the blood that's fit to drain!

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