Sunday, March 24, 2013


* A bad day for number two drivers, as Webber was predictably stitched up.  Anyone leaping to the Canberra Milk Kid's defence should remember he is now on a recently signed one-year contract and will know the deal very well - whether the rules for this race were reneged upon or not, his overall role is support.  Meanwhile the only point Britney managed to prove was that he won't be allowed to overtake Mercedes' newest acquisition, regardless of circumstances.

All hail Mr Massa, then; whilst fifth place from second on the grid doesn't seem great, he eventually recovered well after being hung out to dry by Alonso on the first lap.  Ferrari were left with faces to match their overalls when their preferred option decided not to pit for a damaged nose caused by driver error, only to watch his hopes disappear like the front of his car at the first corner of lap two.

* A bad day too for pitlane mechanics, with Jenson Button suffering yet another failure to fit a tyre.  Where are McLaren getting these people from, the bloody YTS?  That might be the least of their worries, as they only have four points from two races.  It's early days, but this season's already looking like disaster recovery for them.

Speaking of disasters: Force India.  Oh man, was that ever embarrassing!  Having to withdraw both cars due to wheelnut problems is about as egg-on-face as you'll get, outside of course of Nigel Mansell's famous ignition turn-off at Montreal 1991.  Anyway, this misfortune quite happily brings us to the return of a "popular" feature of yesteryear:


This week, Scotland's Paul Di Resta failed to finish after embarrassing wheelnut problems.  Therefore...

Paul Di Resta is still SCOTTISH, until further notice.
*  Elsewhere, Lotus had a bit of a nothing race, though that's probably not enough to start panicking about yet.  Hulkenberg really showed what he could have done last time out, had he made the start.  Maldanado's wallowing in the gravel again, so he'd best hope Williams are strapped for cash next year.  And Bianchi is showing he's the best of the lower classes (not that we didn't expect that).
And that's all the blood that's fit to drain!

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