Saturday, May 18, 2013


* Zzzzzz......   Zzzzzz......  Ehwah?  A Grand Prix, you say?  Oh, the SPANISH Grand Prix.  Wake me up when we get somewhere exciting.
* I noticed when I was looking at this blog on my gigantic Motorola mobile phone (apparently powered by Spectrum BASIC, such is its lethargy) that thanks to our recurring series, "Where Is Paul Di Resta From This Week?", the site looks like a celebration of Scottish independence, as the Saltire is proudly displayed on every Engine Blood entry so far.  With this in mind, and given how dreadful the last race was, we'll be critiquing the flag of the nation we've just visited from now on.
First up: Spain.
A classic of design, this; a simple "sandwich" of uncomplicated colours makes this a joy to behold.  But what's this?  Ah, a heraldic doobrie, of some description!  How cromulent an addition to this flag of flags.  Truly, this a banner to be reckoned with.
* If YOU didn't like this week's entry, please detail all complaints to "Pirelli Tyres" with the subject heading "Dude. Seriously."  Or alternatively, talk to John Watson - he seems to have an opinion on everything these days.

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