Monday, June 13, 2016

Looks Unfamiliar - Hear Me Speak!

Looks Unfamiliar is the new podcast from writer and broadcaster Tim Worthington, where he discusses things that his guests think are obscure enough that only they have experienced them.  He was nice enough to ask me to do one, and lo and behold, Episode 2 duly features me. 

So like an Action Man with a pulled string, I can be found making noise here.  Amongst other things I discuss a unfairly-shelved crisp flavour, an insensitive wrestling faction and a range of toys with absolutely terrifying implications.

Despite me showing my control of the internet by linking straight to the source, you should also go to the index of The Benatical, TV's Ben Baker's home of quality audio produce, because you might just see other things you like on there. 

And you will - New Chart Riot with Ben and Phil Catterall is a...  Well, a riot, for a start.  And whilst not (currently) seasonally appropriate, Ben and Tim's Advent Calendar is a similar rush.

So get over there, and have a look.  Go on, it won't kill you!*

* = not a guarantee.

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