Sunday, March 03, 2013

Read All About It: Cthulhu Has All The Best Tunes

Hello everybody!

If you are reading and understanding this, perhaps you would enjoy other products that include words.

To this end, may I point you in the direction of an excellent writer by the name of Laurie Jed Duthie, who has recently published a collection of his excellent short stories through Amazon.  Through the magic of technology, his words can appear before you on a computer screen, or on something called a "Kinned All", which is some kind of thing that young people have these days.

You can click all you want; you can't look inside.  You'd best get to Amazon then.
So point your browser at, bang in your details and bob's your uncle - you've got in on the ground floor of a promising writer and can egregiously gloat to your friends and family when he becomes stunningly famous.  Do it!  DO IT NOW.

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