Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Read All About It: The TATP Book

You may remember me mentioning TATP (Talk About The Passion), one of the increasingly rare non-ironic popular culture coverage websites, on which I used to dabble in writing about everything from Batman videogames to...  Er, some other stuff.

It was a great site, and it spawned an equally great magazine, which ran for several issues in that sadly dying medium before... You know what?  Go and read Tim's version instead, as I'm very tired and he's put it extremely well.

Now, the site that spawned a magazine has spawned a best-of book:

...Of which there's an eBook version, priced at a very reasonable £2.99, and also an actual, factual paper version, priced at a similarly reasonable £5.99.  Also, we're all very proud of the articles within - so why not give it a go?  Eh?

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BenBaker said...

Even more reasonable at £4.99! We need to do this dance again soon...